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David Bartholomew


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Reducing Stress … Alleviating Pain

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At Massage & Movement Therapy, we are committed to providing proficient reliable hands-on soft-tissue therapy techniques.  Our whole-body Orthopedic Massage assessment approach takes your challenges and how they impact your physical activity into account when determining how we can best support your health-related goals.


Our sessions range in price from $45 to $145.00 depending upon the level of skill required to provide a specific service.  We will discuss service options and specific pricing information with you when you call to make your appointment.




Mission. To treat you (and yours) as I can only hope to be treated when I receive my massage and/or bodywork session.


Choice. Integrity.  To promote, offer and provide only the level of service I can truthfully provide. 


Goal.  To provide each of my services as did the old county physician to their community: with skill, compassion and in an unrushed manner… and, at a fair / justifiable cost.









I am a massage therapist who knows how it feels to be diagnosed with cancer.  I’m also a professional Massage Therapist who has received intensive Oncology professional training in order to safely work with clients & physician referred patients as they go thru their own cancer “ups and downs” (including a plethora of other life altering illnesses & injuries). 


No, I’m not as young, slim / trim (as I use to be), but…I still have a good sense of humor, and my age allows me to fully appreciate the everyday aches-n-pains of simply getting old(er). 


And with no doubt, I understand only too well the pain associated with occupational and recreational activities.  Being retired military (Special Weapons / Diver), and a certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist, I use everything I am (personal experience, professional education, tested & proven clinical skills, and 23+ years of full-time massage experience) to support your rehabilitative health goals.


Safety first, for the mom-to-be & baby too!

I am a proud parent, and yes… I was there at my daughter’s birth, but that never stopped me from seeking out and earning professional certification (not just “training”) specifically in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage. 


So, let’s get started!


Call for your appointment:  804-815-1291


David Bartholomew

Board Certified Massage Therapist

Orthopedic Massage Specialist


WTCS (SW / DV)     U.S. Navy, Retired




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