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David Bartholomew


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Putting it bluntly,

the rudimentary difference between practicing Massage Therapists today

is their working knowledge / core knowledge …

of human anatomy.






It’s a fact, upon graduation, 1000’s of “newly minted” massage practitioners leave their massage schools with a smorgasbord of health-related information (human anatomy & physiology, a basic outline for a plethora of available massage techniques… and an awareness of new age & spa related services). 

     Now, fast forward just one year, and you’ll find the clear majority of therapists still practicing have forgotten the basics of the own profession (knowing / having a working knowledge the origin, insertion and actions of the human body’s soft tissue), and simply focus their attention on easy to provide new age and spa related services.


     What does this all mean?  Well, if all you expect from your session is a wonderfully relaxing massage (massage provided as Personal Care Service) … you will probably never be disappointed.  However, if you expect your attending professional therapist to elicit the correct therapeutic response to support your pro-active health goals (preventative injury to post-surgical rehabilitation)… you will have to look / search for him /her.





But, now for the good news!

You found me!  And yes, I can help.


At Massage & Movement Therapy… after 23+ years of providing massage therapy services

 we still haven’t forgotten the basics of our chosen profession, and I am committed to supporting your health-related goals.


I work with you and your challenges.  I don’t mindless chase symptoms.




 David Bartholomew




Massage Specialist



WTCS (SW / DV)     U.S. Navy, Retired

Board Certified


Massage & Bodywork


Virginia Licensed

Massage Therapist