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Relaxation - Injury Prevention - Rehabilitation

Attending Massage Therapist Introduction


Professional & Personal Background




David Bartholomew

Orthopedic Massage Specialist






A full-time professional Massage Therapist… since 1993





Massage Therapist

(# 427)


U.S. Navy, Retired




Commonwealth of Virginia Massage Therapist (#14)





Orthopedic Massage Specialist







Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage





Active Professional Member

American Massage Therapy Association

(Since 1993)




Active Member

 Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad (MCVRS)




Alleviating Pain & Stress – Increasing Joint Range of Motion




Relaxation / Wellbeing




Simply put, I’m an “old school” hands-on Massage Therapist.  Educated. Committed. Skilled. A practitioner who hasn’t forgotten the basics of his/her own profession.   


I’m a professional who continues to advance my education because I genuinely want to… not just to meet the minimum standards required by Virginia’s Board of Nursing. 




Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (BCTMB).


Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).


Holds advanced certifications in both Orthopedic Massage (2005), and in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage (2001). 


Trained by Mr. Aaron Mattes in 1999 (Mr. Mattes is the developer of Active Isolated Stretching, The Original Mattes Method), and with his permission I continue to teach his Active Isolated Stretching protocols to my clients and physician referred patients.




As a certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist, I specialize in the:


  • Treatment of Neck and Thoracic Pain
  • Treatment of Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Pain
  • Treatment of Low Back and Hip Pain
  • Treatment of Knee and Foot Pain


My approach to therapeutic massage is orthopedically grounded, researched based and outcome driven… using a comprehensive system rather than focusing on a single technique or modality.  I see my role as your assistant, a coach / mentor & educator. 






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Continuing Education Hours & Qualifications






I am a massage therapist who knows how it feels to be diagnosed with cancer.  I’m also a professional Massage Therapist who has received intensive Oncology professional training in order to safely work with clients & physician referred patients as they go thru their own cancer “ups and downs” (including a plethora of other life altering illnesses & injuries). 


No, I’m not as young, slim / trim (as I use to be), but…I still have a good sense of humor, and my age allows me to fully appreciate the everyday aches-n-pains of simply getting old(er). 


And with no doubt, I understand only too well the pain associated with occupational and recreational activities.  Being retired military (Special Weapons / Diver), and a certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist, I use everything I am (personal experience, professional education, tested & proven clinical skills, and 23+ years of full-time massage experience) to support your rehabilitative health goals.


Safety first, for the mom-to-be & baby too!

I am a proud parent, and yes… I was there at my daughter’s birth, but that never stopped me from seeking out and earning professional certification (not just “training”) specifically in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage. 







- Personal Background –




One daughter.



Active Member

Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad





Wood working, Photography
Traditional archery & Bow Hunting (recurve and longbow)






Originally from upstate New York


Retired, U.S. Navy (WTCS SW/DV)

Weapons Technician Senior Chief – Surface Warfare & 2nd Class Deep Sea Diver Qualified




Military active duty assignments included:


Special Weapons “A” School, Naval Station, Coronado, California
USS Nimitz (CVA-N 68)
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVA-N 69) … first tour / commissioning crew (“Plank Owner”)
Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia
USS L.Y. Spear (AS-36)
USS Emory S. Land (AS-39)
Naval Diving and Salvage School, Panama City, Florida
Chemical & Biological Warfare School, Huntsville, Alabama
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) School, Indian Head, Maryland
 Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, Virginia

     USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) … second tour / retirement






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