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Today, therapeutic massage – at most locations - has become “fast food”.  Yes, it’s wonderful that these franchises and multi-therapist businesses offer every “in vogue” new age & massage service known to mankind, but… the person actually providing the therapeutic massage service – in all reality – provides nothing more than a relaxing massage school session, or an unnecessarily painful session (that the therapist pawns off a “therapy”).

     But, if you’re willing to pay more, and receive less, there’s no wrong!  Yes, a win-win situation for both you and the business. After all, massage is “just a treat” for those aches and pains, and ambiance will always trump skill! 


But, what if your expectations of your massage session (and your professional massage therapist) go beyond that of a deep pressure relaxing back rub?  Well, that’s where Massage & Movement Therapy can help you.  We provide general relaxation, and we can honestly support your pro-active therapeutic goals. 

     Professional commitment, Education, Hands-on Clinical Skills and Experience are the four main differences that place Massage & Movement Therapy ahead of the pack… not social media skills. 


At Massage & Movement Therapy we stay within our profession’s scope of practice.

Massage therapy is defined as:

The manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being.

Key words: “manual manipulation / hands-on” work.


Maybe it’s “old-school” thinking, but a professional massage practitioner / therapist should have a working knowledge of their own profession (they should know the origin, insertion & actions of the muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia of the body).


David Bartholomew is your Massage Therapist and has been providing therapeutic massage – full time – for the past 25 years.  David is not just “trained”, but holds specialty certifications in both Orthopedic Massage & Prenatal, Labor & Pregnancy Massage.


     Why be certified in Pregnancy Massage?  Like most things, a massage practitioner’s nationality, gender or age should supersede a therapist’s professional commitment to the client / patient. 


The truth is… what each client / patient looks for in a therapeutic session, what their expectations are of a professional massage therapist, and how you feel after your session is over will always be subjective in nature. 


Fees: We will discuss service options and specific pricing information with you when you call to make your appointment.



30 Minute Session:  $40.00

45 Minute Session:  $55.00


60 Minute Session:  $70.00

75 Minute Session:  $85.00


90 Minute Session:  $110.00

Two Hour Session:  $145.00







Orthopedic Massage

The performance of this advanced therapy requires the therapist to have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.  Orthopedic Massage includes the use of myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage techniques.


Your therapist, David Bartholomew, is not “just trained”, or “attended classes in”…

 but has earned his specialty certification in Orthopedic Massage – 2005.



Active Isolated Stretching is a customized series of assisted stretching techniques that focus on specific regions of the body. The goal is to enhance physical performance by improving mobility / restoring range of motion.


Your attending professional Massage Therapist, David Bartholomew, was taught by and trained with Mr. Aaron Mattes (the developer of the Active Isolated Stretching, the Original Method) in 1999.







General Massage

Massage therapy promotes a state of relaxation for the client… using light to moderate to deep pressure.

     This time-honored form of soft tissue therapy is a key element in decreasing pain and stress while increasing the body’s overall wellness. 


Your attending professional Massage Therapist, David Bartholomew, is

a Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (#427),

a Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist (#14) and

a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), since 1993.





Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal, Labor and Post-Partum Massage Services… customized to ease the discomfort of pregnancy, and support the mother to be by providing calm / general wellbeing during this hectic time.


* Your therapist, David Bartholomew, is not “just trained’, or had a few classes in…

but has earned his specialty certification in Prenatal, Labor & Post-partum Massage - 2001.






Residential, or Your Office Therapeutic Services:

If you would like your session(s) provided at your office or residence please refer to our OUTCALL SERVICES page.





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