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"To give real service

you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money,

and that is sincerity and integrity."

- Donald A. Adams






We accept VISA/MC & Discover, cash and local checks.


Best holidays and occasions for gift certificates:


I    Moving / House Warming Gift – Don’t ya just wish someone had done this for you?  Help them relax and rejuvenate after moving those boxes!

I    Baby Shower Gift – A “Momma” massage will help ease anxiety, and relieve pain, or other discomforts associated with the pregnancy.

I    Secretary Day Gift – Your secretary might prefer to relax with a massage, instead of flowers this year!

I    Nurse’s Day Gift – The nurse in your life might enjoy the idea or receiving, instead of always giving.

I    Mother’s Day Gift – Your Mom will love being pampered, or maybe she’s always wanted to try a massage.

I    New Mom Gift – This gift will encourage the new mom to take time for herself.   She’s earned it!

I    Boss Day Gift – Your Boss will thank you for a gift like massage that is sure to relieve stress.

I    Christmas Gift – You betcha!

I    Birthday Gift – Almost everyone will appreciate this. Of this, there is no doubt.

I    Just to say, “Thank You” Gift - Say thank you with a thoughtful gift that really shows your appreciation for that special someone’s health.









Let us personalize a massage certificate
for that special someone in your life.



To order, just call:



You can then pick it up at our office,

or we can mail it to you

... the choice is yours!





Need an Emergency Gift Certificate?


Simply click “For the Lady”, or “For the Gentleman” below, and print the gift certificate you need.

Then, call us for an authorization number.  It’s that simple!


- For the Lady -         - For the Gentleman –

(NOTE: Depending on the speed of your computer, the gift certificate photo may take a short bit to load completely

NOTE:  If you want the color background for your Emergency Gift Certificate… you’ll have to have a color printer.)









I don’t know which gift certificates to buy?  What should I do?


Not sure what to buy?  Then how about a gift certificate with just a value on it (example: $100.00 worth of services).  The person receiving the gift certificate can call, make their appointment and – at that time – tell me what service they would like to receive.   




How long are gift certificates good for?

Purchased gift certificates are good for 1 year from the date of original purchase. (Date of expiration is listed on the purchased certificate.)  After that time, the certificate will be removed from the books.


Advertising gift certificates are good for 3 months.  (Date of expiration is listed on the advertising certificate.)


After that time, the certificate will be removed from the books.




Refunds: Purchased Gift Certificates cannot be returned for refund after a period of 3 days / 72 hours from the purchase date; however, they can be reassigned (see “Reassignment” below) for others to use. 


If, within 3 days (a 72 hour period), the original purchaser makes a request for a refund, a $25.00 administrative charge will be assessed per gift certificate, or money saver coupon package.  Also, any bank fees (Visa / MasterCard, or Discover) applied to the refund transaction will be passed to the person requesting refund. 


     * If a personal or business check was used to purchase a gift certificate, the check must clear my bank prior disbursing any funds.


     * If a gift certificate was paid for via credit card, all remaining monies will be returned to the credit card used to purchase of the gift certificate.  No exceptions.


Gift certificates (both paid and promotional / advertising certificates (identified with an “Ad” in the bottom right hand corner of the certificate) have no cash / redemption value; however, they can be reassigned (see “Reassignment” below).




Reassignment:  If an individual received a gift certificate but chooses not to use it s/he may offer it to others (i.e. - family members, friends) to use.  All that we request is that the original purchaser of the gift certificate notify us (Relaxation Station - MASSAGE & MOVEMENT THERAPY) of the name of the new “owner”.  The expiration date will remain the same as it was for the original purchaser.




Appointments:  Once you have scheduled your appointment, that time is reserved exclusively for you.  If a situation arises where you cannot keep your appointment, please notify us immediately so we offer that time slot to another.  If we’re not in the office to personally take your call, kindly leave a message on the office answering machine (804.815-1291).  The answering machine is on 24 hours a day.


** If a scheduled appointment is cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice given, a cancellation fee of $20.00, or half of the scheduled session fee (whichever is greater) will be charged; however, if we can still fill your appointment time, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.  (Note:  If a gift certificate, or Money Saver coupon was to be used – the coupon or gift certificate service / time value will be divided in half.


** Individuals who “No Show” or cancel with less than eight hours of their scheduled appointment time will be charge the full fee of the previously scheduled session.  (Note:  If a gift certificate or Money Saver coupon was to be used – the coupon or gift certificate will be considered VOID).








Can I get a different service than what is on my gift certificate(s)?

Yes.  We place the therapeutic service value on each gift certificate.   So, if you received a gift certificate for a “60 minute massage”, but would rather get a 75 minute massage”… no problem!  Just be aware… you’ll need to pay the difference in the service price value(s).   If it’s a lesser service…no refund will be provided.










We accept VISA/MC & Discover, cash and local checks.









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